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Pastor Mike Baker Of Eastview Christian Church 2017
All I do is preach

(An open letter to the staff and volunteers at Eastview Christian Church)

Dear staff and volunteers at Eastview,

As I prepare for our annual vision Sunday and get stoked about challenging our people to take the next step as God guides us towards our vision, I was thinking of and thanking God for you.  When people ask me about all the cool stuff God is doing in our midst, I often reply, “all I do is preach”.  This is not to downplay my role, giftedness, and calling – I know it’s important, but I wanted to take a minute to thank you for making this ministry happen.  You are great partners in the gospel.

When people come into our property, they notice a beautifully landscaped property.   Mowed lawns, flower beds, trees, and shrubs all welcome thousands of people to our front door each week.  Thank you building services, for maintaining and caring for this important ministry.  Your work sets the tone for an encounter with God.  All I do is preach.

When people enter the building, they experience a clean building with fully stocked restrooms, safe class rooms, and inviting environments for worship and fellowship.  Thank you building services team, for cleaning, vacuuming, setting up chairs, moving tables, picking up trash, washing windows, repairing broken things, and repeating each of these dozens of times each week.  Your work is a testament to a God of order.  All I do is preach.

When people come to our church they are greeted, directed, and served by a group of people they meet from the street to the seat.  Thank you parking lot attendants, ushers, greeters, info center volunteers, and all who organize these ministries.  Your work is the first flesh-and-blood impression thousands get of our church and our Lord.  All I do is preach.

When people need to grab some food or coffee and find a place for community and sharing, they are waited on by the volunteers and staff of our Cafe’.  Thank you for those who make food, wipe tables, clean trays, empty trash and give people some physical nourishment ahead of the spiritual meal.  All I do is preach.

When parents bring their kids to our various children’s ministries, they find artistic, creative, and safe environments for their children.  Thank you nursery workers who rock babies and sing of Jesus’ love.  Thank you preschool leaders who teach children of his great love.  Thank you grade school leaders who engage kids with the love of Jesus in a fun way.  Thank you for literally raising up the next generation of missionaries, preachers, church leaders, world changers, and Jesus followers. The lessons you write and teach, the time you spend with these precious lives, and the passion you have for nurturing their faith is inspirational.  All I do is preach.

When students enter our Jr. High and High School environments, they are confronted with an authentic community of faith that speaks on their level and understands their challenges.  Thank you youth ministry staff and volunteers for helping students navigate an incredibly crazy time of life.  You are inspiring young people to use the gifts God has given them for his greatest glory.  All I do is preach.

When anyone enters into any of our worship venues, they find a sacred space that reflects God’s great creativity and presence through dramatic lighting, beautiful music, artistic design, and authentic worship.  Thank you music staff for giving your best for the Lord and leading us in worship.  Thank you tech staff for supporting and enhancing the message through video and sound that all can hear and see.  All I do is preach.

When someone wants to find information about or interact with our church, they find a number of tools via our website, social media, and church app.  Our whole staff relies on communicating with one another and to the congregation through this technology.  Thank you IT staff (Jesus geeks) for keeping us functioning, connected, and informed.  All I do is preach.

When someone wants to connect to our church family and grow, they are able to do so through small groups, spiritual formation resources, and a variety of connecting events.  Thank you connections, small groups, pastoral, and spiritual formation staff for meeting people where they are and getting them to where they need to be in Christ and in the church.  All I do is preach.

When under-resourced people come into our church for help, they find food, financial counseling and most importantly a friend who will walk with them through difficult times and circumstances.  Thank you local outreach pastors for literally giving a cup of cold water in Jesus’ name on our behalf.  All I do is preach.

When we want to communicate effectively and tell our story to the church family and those outside our church, we do so with powerful and creative videos, inspiring testimonies, and insightful tweets and posts.  Thank you to our communications specialists who represent us and our Lord in the public forum daily.  All I do is preach.

When we need money to do ministry, we have it because of great and intentional stewardship.  Thank you pastoral finance team for handling our resources with integrity, paying our bills and blessing our partners throughout the world with the money God has entrusted to us.  All I do is preach.

Behind all of this, we have the best administrative assistants in the world.  Thanks you admins, for your correspondence, organization, lamination, communication, scheduling, and helping in a thousand ways that allow all this ministry to take place each week.  You are a part of changing thousands of lives every week because of your willingness to serve.  All I do is preach.  

I realized half way into this blog that there is no way I could properly thank the thousands of people who serve in a thousand capacities every day to make the ministry happen at Eastview.  But I have to stop, because there is a sermon to write.  And all I do is preach.

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