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Pastor Mike Baker Of Eastview Christian Church 2017

Mike is the Senior Pastor of Eastview Christian Church in Normal, IL. Mike posts weekly about what God is teaching him in his spiritual journey as a pastor to a growing church, husband to his best friend and wife of 30 years, Sara and father of a twenty six year old, super talented tattoo artist (Michael II) and his favorite young preacher (23 year old, Caleb).

Mike committed himself to be a preacher at age six while sitting in church. He is a youth ministry veteran of sixteen years who has spoken nationally and internationally to over 250,000 students. He runs marathons and sees the parallels with running and the spiritual life; he dreams of someday running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. Mike is president of the 2015 North American Christian Convention. Mike loves spending time in a big city café with bustle, Bible and coffee.

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