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Pastor Mike Baker Of Eastview Christian Church 2017

I AM Revealed
Even though God is beyond our full comprehension, we can know his nature and character. Digging into his Word and seeking to know him day by day will make for one amazing journey—with a new treasure to discover in every encounter. God knows you and calls you by name. And yes, it’s possible for you to know God—on a first-name basis.

Do you ever feel like you are on a journey but don’t know exactly where you’re going? In this book you will travel with apostle Paul as he makes his way through much of the first century world to spread the good news of Jesus to the Gentiles. As you accompany him on this biblical journey you will recognize the movement of God in your life twenty centuries later. It is clear that Paul was led by the Spirit to the placed God wanted him to go, and as you read this book you will discover that God is leading you in the same way.

Counsel Fit for A King
Do we really need another list of things we need to accomplish in order to be a successful leader? Most leaders don’t need another list. What may be helpful, however, is to observe other leaders in a variety of situations and learn from their example.

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